Gonher Cowboy Paladin Style 12 Shot Cap Gun Revolver

Gonher Cowboy Paladin Style 12 Shot Cap Gun Revolver - Black & Brown Grip

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Gonher Cowboy Paladin Style 12 Shot Cap Gun Revolver - Black & Brown Grip

Relive your childhood dreams or give your little Cowboy or Cowgirl a gift they'll never forget. This cap-firing, Cowboy style revolver features realistic action, accurate detail, and durable construction. The frame and barrel has a blued finish and pearl white faux ivory grips just like the sidearms of our classic heroes. Release the catch to open the cylinder, load 12 Shot Ring Caps (not included) on to the cylinder and close to fire.


 Die-Cast Metal Construction with Plastic Grips 

 Fires 12 Shot Ring Caps(not included) 

 Length: 9.8" 

 Gun has the full orange tip as required by the law 

 Not convertible to shoot a projectile. 

 Ages 3+ 

 Manufactured by Gonher in Spain


PLS READ: IF YOU LIVE IN NY, due to restrictions on imitation firearms which includes toy guns, when you purchase this item you confirm that are over 21 yrs old and that it will be used as a prop in theater/movies or as a training aid by security/police organization. Pls confirm by sending us a note on check-out confirming use of the item and age. Otherwise, your order will be cancelled. If order has been fulfilled and reason for use is not as stated above or you misrepresent use of the item - we will not be held liable / responsible for whatever local rule/law that you break. It's your state know your laws.

Warning: It is your responsibility to know if your state allows the use/purchase of toy cap guns. Never point at any person and keep arm fully extended when firing. Use under adult supervision.